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Wondering how to handle employee advancement as your company experiences periods of rapid growth? The ultimate talent outcome during such times is to promote from within, but how do you ensure key team members are ready to advance and take on additional and greater responsibilities. Emerging leaders need strategic guidance for continued success.

Who knew your biggest pain point would be the pressure from an accelerated growth organization?

It’s important to have a talent strategy (that incorporates current leadership and emerging leaders) early so you’re not caught off guard during these growth phases in your business lifecycle.

I need to be on top of my game.

With a growing business, I’ve got critical decisions to make, especially in the climate we’re in.

I can’t afford lack of clarity. My people are depending on me.

For me, it’s about accelerating our pipeline at every level of the organization.

With our high growth and client demands, we need our high- potential leaders ready for the next-level roles…fast.

To our top young talent, it’s all about trust and belonging.

If we want to keep them, we’ve got to invest in them, give them more opportunities to develop and most importantly, make them feel valued.

When your leaders thrive, so does the business

At Kelly Consulting, we understand these issues because we’ve gone through them ourselves and work daily alongside people like you, helping successfully navigate the opportunities of significant next steps.

With Kelly Consulting, you will…

Navigate the uncertainty and pressure of your high-growth business or nonprofit with greater strategic clarity.
Accelerate your emerging leaders’ readiness for next level roles.
Move confidently through the complexity of bringing on the next generation in your family business.
Equip teams for increased relational influence and functional competence.

Steve Griffith
Executive Coach

“I found Steve to be an incredible resource to help me navigate the ever-changing landscape and pressure around a quickly growing business. As an added bonus he helped show me the heart I have to serve the people who work with and for me well.”

Kali Davis – Director, Harvest Group

Mentor Partnerships Built and Sustained on Trust

We empower emerging leaders to ensure the longevity of your organization.


We identify your desired engagement results and create a mentoring experience around those results.


Our executive coach meets with your organization’s leader every two weeks, or more, depending on complexity.


Our clients bring their real opportunities, challenges and decisions to each meeting. Solutions are developed in real-time.

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