95% of new products fail in year 1

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300 Unique Business Ideas Yielded 12 Go-To-Market Concepts 100% success rate for those 12

Generating ideas is not the challenge. Refining them is.

The 6 Questions Opportunity Analysis was developed by an entrepreneur who needed a means of assessing and refining business ideas for viability. The creator used this tool to vet more than 300 ideas, of which 12 were taken to market.

All 12, profitable. 12 seem like a small number? It is a huge number compared to the money saved on saying “no” to the 288 that did not grade out!

What’s Inside

The 6 Questions Analysis uses a proprietary weighting and scoring methodology to determine the viability of an idea or opportunity. This tool was originally created for vetting R&D ideas in the healthcare industry. We have modified it to make applications across all business sectors today.

Gain a qualitative and quantitative analysis on your new idea, product, merger or acquisition by using 6Q