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Build a talent strategy that can implement your business strategy.
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Backed by 60 years of science and 33 million behavior and cognitive assessments, The Predictive Index software and tools enable you to connect your talent strategy to your business strategy so that you finally achieve your business goals.



Set profile targets using the PI software suite, interviewing only the candidates that fit your needs. PI falls in line with your team to assist you in the hiring process, helping you find the best employee to produce the business results you want to see.


Promote self-awareness, foster deeper connections, and drive better results with the PI tool. Your leadership and management teams will understand more about their own management style and their employees’ motivational needs.


Give your team the highest probability to accomplish results by uncovering specific skill-sets. The team analysis provides insight into the team’s strengths and voids, as tied to specific strategic initiatives.


Great athletes always have a coach, on or off the field. So why do we go at it alone in the marketplace? Outside views and objective feedback from seasoned marketplace leaders will help your growth and development.

Jeff Suderman

With a Masters in Leadership and Doctorate in Strategic Leadership, Jeff brings a balance of academia and practicality to his clients…

Jay Hidalgo

With more than 20 years as an Executive Coach, Jay has worked with Rubbermaid, Toshiba, Michelin, and others…

Jason Hodges

Few leaders in the church world can balance the tension between faith and strategy. Drawing on 20 years of ministry and being Executive Pastor…

Mark Warren

Mark specializes in non-profit board
development through policy
governance equipping boards to
establish policies focused on vision…

Steve Griffith

Masterfully blending his years with Walmart and CRU, Steve brings more than 25 years of solving complex problems while coaching leaders…

Brian Pitts

Serving in leadership with The Center for Executive Leadership, Brian has the gifted ability to go deep and personal AND stay high and strategic…

4 Hats Assessment

Every leader has to wear four hats to lead well. Problem is, at best, most leaders are only gifted to wear one, maybe two, hats. So, what do you do? Build a team that represents all four hats, because leadership is a team sport.