Strategic Plans that Get Implemented.

Co-creating confidence in: direction, clarity of execution and team alignment.
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Does this sound familiar?

“I’ve done strategic planning. It’s expensive and time-consuming and the end result is a plan that sits on a shelf with no actionable strategies. I just can’t go through that again.”

We couldn’t agree more! “We can’t go through that again”, …and we won’t! We may or may not have expertise in your specific field, but we are experts in process and implementation. Our process creates organizational alignment, team engagement, and personal accountability. To get a plan off the shelf, you need all three.
Let us help you get your plans into ACTION!

Ask yourself another question

Can I afford NOT to spend the time and the money?
As Deming said, “Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.” Are you OK with your results? Will it be sufficient for the next 2-5 years? How does your team see it? How does your customer see it?
If you’re not 100% confident in what you have today – and where you are going tomorrow, give us a call. Let’s investigate.

StratOp (Strategy + Operations) is the Strategic Planning tool that integrates operational execution into the process.

Created over 40 years ago and used by thousands of companies, it is the premier facilitated process that ensures your plans never gather dust.

Companies who use StratOp gain…

  • A growth-minded strategic plan with clear action to move your organization forward.
  • A co-created plan for the future, built as a team creating the alignment needed for growth, and the personal accountability to see real movement.
  • Online access to your plans and actions so that your entire team can see and communicate on shared goals and accountability.

The StratOp Process:

How it works

StratOp is the operating system on which you run your business. The exercise includes an offsite, facilitated event for your team creating a timeline with roles and responsibilities; moving your strategy forward in a logical and aligned manner. This facilitated timeline ensures you start up properly and in the right direction. We build a cadence of meetings and reviews where your team and StratOp guide will update plans – modifying as needed – and manage operations. At year’s end, the plan renews to keep building on our momentum.