Strategic Plan Assessment

Welcome to the Strategic Plan Assessment!

See how you measure up


Score from 1- 10

Our team has a clearly defined and communicated growth strategy for at least the next
1-3(+) years?

How confident are you that the communicated strategies are being implemented throughout the executive team and second level management team(s)?

How confident are you that the strategies identified in your plan are going to get you where you want to go?

All senior leaders have written financial goals for the year and an organized plan to achieve those goals.

Our leadership has a data-driven grasp on where we stand in the market related to our competition?

Our leadership has an understanding as to where our main revenue products/services are in their life cycles (accelerating, booming, declining, dying) and the foreseeable longevity of those products/services?

Our leadership team has a good grasp of current market trends and how to position our products/service in light of those trends.

Our leadership team has a good grasp of internal trends, employee engagement, and culture?

Our entire organization can identify our primary customer.

We have a talent strategy connected to our business strategy giving us the best opportunity to accomplish our annual goals?