Thinking Wavelength Assessment

Welcome to Thinking Wavelength!



Score from 1- 10

What is your relationship to risk?

  • 1 - Does not like risk, Immediate-reaction Is to resist.
  • 10 - Embraces risk. Attitude toward risk is, “Let’s go!”

What is your relationship to change?

  • 1 - Does not like change.
  • 10 - Thrives on change. Will create their own change if change isn’t happening.

How many variables can you “have on your mind” at one time?

  • 1 - Thrives with one or two variables.
  • 10 - Comfortable with lots of variables.
  • Note: this is not about multi-tasking. A variable is an idea or project in some stage of development.

How do you think logically?

  • 1 - Walks step-by-step through a thought process, pausing often to ensure understanding.
  • 10 - Can take quantum leaps in thought. The gaps will be filled in later, or may not need to be filled in.

What is your relationship to ambiguity?

  • 1 - Does not like ambiguity. Prefers concrete information before moving forward.
  • 10 - Can live with a lot of ambiguity, without stress or anxiety. Assumes ambiguity will play itself out.

What is your relationship to opportunity?

  • 1 - Sees problems and tasks associated with any expressed opportunity.
  • 10 - Sees opportunity everywhere. Yesterday’s opportunities are history,